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At the end of 2018, DC Precision won another great industry award, "Top Ten Fast Developing Companies of the Year".

On December 21, the ceremony of Golden Globe Award for High-tech Industries was held in Shenzhen. Featured strict selection criteria and procedure, wide influence and media coverage, high authority and recognition, it is regarded as the most valued award in the industry.

The GG Golden Globe Award is awarded to the best brands and products in the lithium industry after multi-dimensional comparison of technologies, products and enterprises, together with the opinions of industry authorities and research data of the GG Institute, so as to encourage technological innovation and promote China's lithium industry to establish global influence.

Behind the proud achievement are hard efforts. The GG Institute highly praised DC's high-speed development, "Mr. Zhang's efforts and DC's growth deserve praise from the institute and the industry!"

General manager Mr. Zhang Xiaoping (second from left) received the award.

The contact vacuum tunnel furnace

won the "Innovative Product Technology Crystal Ball 2018" award 

The contact vacuum tunnel furnace adopts the contact heating mode, has high heat conduction efficiency. Each layer of hot plates has a temperature control module to ensure the drying quality of large EV batteries. The drying process is smooth and shows stable performance. The facility is automatic and integrated, saving manpower and material resources. The drying quality is high and fast, reaching 4-5 times the efficiency in the past. The arrangement scheme of the tunnel furnace meets the production requirements with the minimum vacuuming cycles. It requires less time, and saves nearly 60% of energy, therefore greatly reducing the operation cost. It is recognized by top enterprises in the industry, and has now realized full-scale production.


2018 is coming to an end. I’d like to thank our customers for your trust. This award shows the recognition from the industry and it is also a driving force for us to move forward. Looking ahead to 2019, we will continuously optimize our products and services, provide you with better service and experience with professionalism and enthusiasm, and do our best to help the industry thrive!

DC Precision has won long-term trust and favor from consumers by virtue of its excellent product performance, perfect quality supervision system and safety guarantee, and great service.

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