DC Precision Product Promotion Conference and Technology Exchange Meeting 2019 Successfully Held

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Recently, DC Precision held DC Precision Products Promotion Conference and Technology Exchange Meeting 2019 in Shenzhen Shajing Venus Royal Hotel. More than 60 representatives from over 20 brands including BYD, Bak, Lishen, Guoxuan, Wanxiang, EVE, Sunwoda and Coslight attended the meeting. The meeting focused on in-depth exchanges and discussions on the hot issues of lithium battery contact heating and vacuum drying, electrode measurement, as well as new technologies, new products and improvement measures.

The meeting started with the speech by Mr. Zhang Xiaoping, Chairman of DC Precision. He introduced DC Precision's mission and vision. Looking back, it is easy to find out that DC Precision has always been devoting itself to technological innovation to develop products that exceed customers' expectations. DC is willing to establish a long-term mutually beneficial, symbiotic, harmonious and win-win partnership with suppliers, customers and medias.

1. Years of hiding strength and waiting, just to get ready for a great coup

As we all know, DC Precision has been leading the lithium battery electrode measurement industry for several years due to the unremitting pursuit of technological innovation and the rigorous quality requirements. DC Precision entered the field of vacuum drying and introduced the groundbreaking contact heating automatic vacuum drying line, which has been recognized by leading domestic battery enterprises. This cross-border success is sure to come as DC Precision has concentrated on research and development for 4 years, and has accumulated sufficient technical strength and production experience through mass production tests of 3 generation of prototypes.

The combined monomer vacuum furnace and vacuum tunnel furnace are popular in the market, and the heating methods include contact heating and air heating. DC Precision adopts the "tunnel + contact heating" technology. This technology has reached the international leading level and has solved the six pain points in the lithium battery vacuum water removal technology:

2 DC Precision's R&D motto: Get the solution ready before the need arises

Over the past 8 years, DC Precision has been devoting itself to the technological innovation in the lithium battery electrode detection industry. 30% of DC Precision's annual profit is spent on research and development. DC Precision's bold and persistent investment in large-scale research and development and its rapid pace in product upgrade have forged DC Precision's unshakable leadership in electrode detection.

DC Precision's research and development team implements six sigma management, because only when the measurement is qualified, can the energy be accurate, and can a solid foundation be laid for the subsequent process optimization. With the development of power battery enterprises, higher requirements are put forward for online testing equipment. These requirements include the following aspects:

For electrode coating surface density, on the one hand, a faster scanning speed for measuring the surface density is required. At present, the gap coating of battery manufacturers has reached 30m/min, and the continuous coating has generally reached 80m/min. DC Precision's newly-developed high surface density measuring instrument uses two high performance linear motors to drive the ionization chambers of the upper and lower source boxes to scan at high speed. The scanning speed can reach 60m/min, the sampling frequency can reach 50Khz, and the accuracy can reach ±3Σ≤ real value *0.7%, thus perfectly solving this problem.

On the other hand, in the process of measuring surface density, smaller ray spots and more accurate measurement are required. DC Precision adopts small spot X-ray surface density measuring instrument. The instrument can reduce the light spot to a square shape of 2-6 mm (continuous coating 2 mm*20 mm, gap 6mm*6mm), and the precision has reached ±3Σ ≤ real value*0.4%, thus realizing high accuracy measurement of left and right thinning surfaces in positive electrode continuous coating, and head and tail thinning surfaces in intermittent coating.

DC Precision's achievement is based on its technological advantages through continuous R&D investment and its high customer recognition. As the first company in the domestic lithium battery electrode detection industry, back then power battery manufacturers did not have a high awareness of online detection equipment. DC Precision almost took the initiative to start market promotion and provide customer training, continuously promoting the industry, products and technologies among customers, and this helped grow the lithium battery electrode detection market. Up to now, DC Precision has maintained a leading market share in lithium battery electrode testing for many years and has become the undisputed market champion.

For a long time, DC Precision has chosen a path of innovation and research ahead of customer requirements. General Manager Mr. Zhang clearly pointed out, "Only through continuous innovation and steadfast market development can DC Precision truly lead the development of the enterprise and maintain the core competitiveness and industry leadership. This is also the key to DC Precision's unremitting efforts in the past eight years of development, and also the development direction DC Precision will adhere to in the future. DC must have a sense of crisis and keep a high alert all the time! "

DC Precision has won long-term trust and favor from consumers by virtue of its first-class product performance, perfect quality supervision system and safety guarantee, and high quality service.

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